Ab Workout- #1

Being fit isn’t about how skinny you are,  it’s about how good it makes you feel about yourself, not your appearance. So I probably sound really cheesy right now but this is the truth. Some people work out for the “skinny” effect, not for an actual toned body, but there’s nothing wrong with being fit and feeling good at the same time!

Something that’s good to get into the routine of is whenever you have some free time and are feeling sluggish find some space and do an ab workout. You’ll feel 100x better afterwards. Ab workouts tone your core, so if you do this consistently you should see results in your abs pretty soon, consistency is key though. I do this sometimes when I’m watching Netflix or even when it’s like nine o’clock and have fifteen minutes to spare. This is my go-to ab workout (or one of them), hope you enjoy! Also, if you don’t want to do all of it, you can just do parts, but make sure to challenge yourself.

Ready? Here we go:


A quick note: The asterisks means to see below for instructions on how to do the exercise

1:30 plank

1:00 v-sit with flutter kicks *

1:00 side plank left

1:00 side plank right

1:00 superman with flutter kicks *

40 leg raises in a side plank (20 each side)

60 toe touches

1:00 spaghetti and meatballs *

60 crossed leg crunches (30 each side)

1:00 v-sit while pulsing *

60 regular squats

1:30 plank

Happy exercising!!

v-sit with flutter kicks: Sit in a v shape so that your legs and arms are in a v. Then bend your knees so that your legs make a ninety-degree angle and start flutter kicking

superman with flutter kicks: Lay on your stomach and lift your arms and legs out straight so that they are not touching the floor. Then quickly lift and drop your legs and arms.

spaghetti and meatballs (This one is so good for you :)): Lay on your back and then sit up while lifting your legs and arms into a v. Then lower yourself back down. Repeat for 1 minute.

v-sit while pulsing: Sit in the same position as you would for v-sits with flutter kicks but instead of moving your legs now you are going to pulse your arms up and down. (Similar set up to v-sit with flutter kicks)


Tasha B.

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2 thoughts

  1. Natasha, LOVE this–it has enhanced my gym routine immensely! Two questions…1. Do you do one cycle or do you tend to go through more then once? 2. What is a toe touch? There is debate in my household as to what that move actually is.


    1. Thank you! I do two cycles if I’m up to it or if I didn’t do a lot of cardio. A toe touch is when you lay on your back, lift your feet up, and then continuously raise your arms to touch your toes. Hope that helps!!


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