Rise and Shine :)

Morning routines, that tiresome (or fun) routine that a lot of people get into in the morning. I know I do. But makeup isn’t a huge factor in my regimen. The main reason being that, as a red head, I have an enormous amount of freckles (and been told not to cover them up). I love my freckles and they are definitely a part of me and who I am. So the correlation between makeup and Natasha is very small. But back to my point. The only makeup I wear is mascara and maybe some eyeshadow, maybe. What I don’t have in makeup products I make up in skin care ones, I have too many. Having clear skin can be annoying for teenagers, or anyone, but these are some of my favorite products that I use every morning, religiously.

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My favorites

So to start off, I use Fresh Soy Cleanser, which is amazing, I mean it. The smell of roses is rejuvenating and not at all overwhelming when you first wake up. It’s also so gentle and light on your skin. I recently purchased this and fell in love because my old cleanser was confiscated from me at airport security :/ I use my Clarisonic Mia 2 to thoroughly cleanse my freckly skin. I use the cashmere brushead because it works best for my skin (brushed not shown in pictures). There are many different brushes that suit different needs, such as acne, dry skin, delicate skin, oily skin, and normal. I highly recommend the cashmere brushead because of its silkiness. 

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Next I turn to my Boscia peel gel (I don’t use this every morning). When rubbed in and washed off it leaves you with clean pores in problem areas. What it really does is peels off a layer of dead skin and purifies beneath so that when you moisturize you really are clearing up your skin. So good, right? We’re not done yet. Following that, I use Chanel Hydrating Moisturizer which is a little thicker and pricier than my previous moisturizers, but worth it. If you were to skip all other steps and just moisturize you’ll still end up with pretty soft skin because of how great it is. 

Occasionally, I use the Boscia Black Mask which is perfect for those nights when I want to feel like I’m in a spa. This mask is particularly cool because instead of having to wash it off, you can peel it off! I don’t use this every day, too much work, but I use it once or twice every two weeks.

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So after all of that is taken care of, I finish up with my Dior Show Mascara. This is the mascara that I currently wear. Personally, I like it when my eyelashes look darker and non-clumpy because it showcases my blue eyes. 

To finish off, I spritz either Chanel Mademoiselle or Chloe Eau de Parfume on my wrists and neck. I tend to lean towards Chanel but Chloe will occasionally have a shining moment. I’ve gotten so many compliments on both perfumes so I have nothing bad to say about either.

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Hope you enjoyed reading!


Tasha B.

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