Lets Box it Out

I know I haven’t had a new post in a while but that’s because I have been so swamped with work. Luckily spring break has arrived and I have tons of time to write!

So to kick off my spring break I went to a shadowbox class. Such a great decision. I got to punch the stress right out of my system. Let me tell you, there was a lot of punching going on.Once you enter the dark room with 40 boxing bags you’re gonna work hard. The blasting yet motivating music gets you in a mood that pushes you past what you think you’re capable of. If knowing you’ll feel good afterward isn’t enough to get you in a pair of gloves maybe the fact that you burn up to 1000 calories will. I’m serious.

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Don’t let the word box in shadowbox make you think that the only part of your body you’ll be toning is your arms. You’re wrong! The 45 minutes class consists of three major parts: A challenging warm up (this really gets you going, I mean it), gloves on bag work, and core. During the bag work you do intervals and in between each interval you strengthen your legs. So nothing gets boring.

Some people have said this is the new soul cycle. But truth be told it’s 10x better. In a cycle class, you’re strapped into a bike and have no freedom because you’re stuck in the same position for 45 mins. In a shadowbox room, you feel in complete control of yourself. It’s 45 minutes of kick, tone, and sweat. So get ready to let loose and kick your feelings straight into the bag.

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When you check in you can get three things:

Wraps– so your hands are protected and cushioned when boxing it out:)

Gloves– Obviously, if you think you’re gonna box without gloves in this class you’re wrong. I’ve gotten so into boxing lately I’ve been thinking about buying a pair of my own.

Water– If you forgot your water bottle at home don’t fret, the shadowbox fridge will save the day. Something not to do is go into the class without a water bottle. Be it your own or one bought from shadowbox, hydration is key.
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If you feel like rewarding yourself after shadowboxing walk maybe two feet away from the front desk and you’ll find yourself at the Ringside Cafe. You can get a smoothie, coconut water, tons of hydrating and rejuvenating items. But if you’re up for something more substantial yet still super healthy stay tuned for my new post on sweetgreen

Oh! Remember to stay hydrated after the class, after all, you sweat a ton. My smartwater made an appearance in my Flatiron picture.

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Tasha B.

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