Sweetgreen Stole My Heart

Where am I right now? Sitting in one of the best places ever, Sweetgreen. So for those of you who don’t know me, I have an unconditional love for salads. Creating and consuming them. Am I being sponsored to write this post? Nope. I am telling you about this wonderful place out of sheer willpower. So why am I telling you about a salad bar then? Well because it’s amazing. 

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You can read all about what they’re about and their amazingness on their website, but I’m going to tell you why I love it so much. Everything here is fresh, high quality, and non-processed, which means that it all tastes better. A major turn off to food can be the look of it but guess what, there’s nothing gross looking here. Everything looks and tastes great. Not only is making your salad good for photos but you feel so good after eating it. There’s just the right ratio between toppings and the amount of lettuce. I have been here well over five times and I just discovered it in December, so that says something.

So, besides the food, another thing that made me fall in love with Sweetgreen is the location or, at least, the one I go to. The one I go to is in Flatiron and its close to Shadowbox! (A kickboxing class) Having a great place to eat and look forward to afterwards makes working out easier to do.

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My go to salad is the following: kale, tomatoes, quinoa, avocado, and chicken with balsamic vinaigrette 

It’s so simple but so delicious. But if you want a little more sometimes I add sweet potatoes or chickpeas.

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Tasha B.

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