Sugar! It’s Undercover:)

Yup! Sugar is virtually everywhere. Not all places but sugar does appear in a lot of food, good and bad, hidden and blatant. Something that’s tricky is when you don’t know that an ingredient is an added sugar. It’s so deceiving and annoying not to know what you’re eating. So what can you do about it? Make an effort to know what the ingredients are on the nutrition label. Michelle Obama lead the FDA to pass a new law that says all foods with nutrition labels must inform the consumer of how much added sugar there is, not just sugar. Also a good rule of thumb is to try and stick to buying products with less than 10 ingredients, and ingredients that you actually understand.

To help you out I researched the 50 most used names for added sugar. Keep in mind that some forms of sugar are less processed and more natural than others. For example, agave tends to be better for your body than high fructose corn syrup. This is because your body can use natural sugars, such as sugar from fruit, and turn it into energy and beneficial things for your body. Whereas high fructose corn syrup, well there’s nothing good about that.

Here you go: 


barley malt

barbados sugar

beet sugar

black strap molasses

brown sugar

buttered syrup


cane juice crystals

carob syrup

corn syrup solids

castor sugar

coconut sugar

confectioners sugar

crystalline fructose

date sugar

demerara sugar




diastatic malt

ethyl maltol

evaporated cane juice


fruit juice

fruit juice concentrate 

florida crystals



golden sugar

grape sugar

high fructose corn syrup


icing sugar

invert sugar



malt syrup

maple syrup



organic raw sugar


refiners sugar

refiners syrup

rice syrup

sorghum syrup


turbinado sugar

yellow sugar


Tasha B


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