Summer Circuit

So. A lot of time during the summer people feel pressured to look a certain way, especially on the beach. That’s the truth. No person is the same and no friend has the same body type as another friend. That’s reality. So why do we compare ourselves to others if we don’t have the same physical build? Because we’re human. There is and always will be something more that you want even when you’ve achieved your original goal. Setting goals for yourself is so important in getting somewhere and actually appreciating your hard work. Sometimes you have to step back and look at where you started to really see how far you’ve come. 

This gym circuit is dedicated to the notion of goal setting. Each move/drill can be built upon. If you feel you could increase the difficulty by adding more weight, go for it! If you can’t think of anything and want my opinion just ask me here. I would also love your feedback on this circuit.

Also, side note about strengthening your core. Doing only ab targeted exercises will not necessarily give you a six-pack. There are plenty of exercises that focus on other body parts while still challenging your core to stay strong, thus building muscle. 

There are helpful tips to do some of these moves correctly. The better base you have before actually beginning an exercise the more you will get out of it. 

Do 3 rounds of this sequence (circuit 1&2)

Circuit 1 (abs):

1 minute forearm plank


20 plank jacks (in a plank jump your legs apart then together)

—come out of your plank now 🙂 —

20 squats (feet shoulder width apart, push down through heels, keep back upright) (optional: hold 10lb weights in your hands and raise to shoulders to increase difficulty and keep back upright)

4 SLOW mountain climbers, 1 push up (repeat 10 times) (challenge: repeat 20 times)

15 plank squats (Straight arm plank, jump your feet to the outside of your hands)

1 minute of quick ankle taps (lay on your back, bend your knees and bring heels as close to your butt as possible then extend arms and reach for your ankles from side to side. Make sure your core is engaged)

1 minute plank in/outs (in a straight arm plank move your left foot out then right foot out, then left foot back central then right foot back central)

1 minute forearm plank

Circuit 2 (full body):

20 ski jumps (20x on each leg)

20 split jumps

25 seat lifts (lay on your back, bend your knees, lift your butt while keeping shoulders on the ground)

20 Squat curls (get in a strong squat position, holding 5 lb weights in each hand lift your hands to your shoulders and back down while remaining in a steady squat) *If weights are too much just raise your hands up and down (REMEMBER GOAL SETTING)

15 pistol squats (one leg raised, bend down and roll onto your back. Pop all the way back up (more advanced) to a standing position or roll up so your butt just lifts off the ground)


Tasha B.

Fun extra stuff for afterwards:

Try a handstand. This move actually engages your core more than you think, especially if you try and do it without a wall. Think about it. In order to keep your legs straight up in the air the middle part of your body has to be strong. If you can do a handstand then try a push-up in a handstand, or raising one hand to the opposite shoulder. One of my goals is to be able to do shoulder taps in a handstand, without the wall by winter. I’m working on it! 

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