Hey, Heyday!

If you live in a city you know that there are tons of toxins in the air. While you may continue to stroll without a care in the world, those toxins actually end up clogging up your pores, which isn’t fun. So, if you’re at home skin care routine isn’t working to clean out all of those toxins then it’s time for a professional to step in.

Which is why…Heyday exists! Heyday is all about focusing on making sure your skin is as clean, clear, and healthy as can be.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of talking to the manager of Heyday in Tribeca and part of the founding Heyday team, Alexandra. It was so wonderful talking to someone who is so passionate about healthy skin while creating a very friendly atmosphere. Alex seemed to be the epitome of the entire business, friendly, open, and sincere about what she had to say. Alex has been working at Heyday since the beginning of their NoMad store, June 1st, 2015. Heyday started by many aestheticians coming together from different backgrounds with varying levels of knowledge to form a facial bar that caters to every individual’s skin type. With that, Alex talked about what it means to be a part of their team as well as their purpose as a business. Aside from the characteristics she also shared tips and tricks for people wanting clear skin. 

What makes Heyday so unique

The atmosphere and the products. Part of what makes New York, New York is that it’s all about the hustle and bustle with the accompanying noise levels. The second you walk through the Heyday door everything seems a lot calmer. When you go in for your facial you can choose to listen to the minimal sound around you or zone out into your own world. That’s the beauty of the atmosphere, the choice to listen around you or to completely eject yourself from. Aside from the atmosphere, another aspect of Heyday that is so great is the line of products offered. Most facial/skin care stores only offer three of four brands. Heyday offers products from twelve different brands. The reason being for each product is hand-selected is that everything put on display has a reason for being there. Whether it’s the best moisturizer for acne or best serum for dry skin, if it’s on display it means it’s the best.

What is Heyday

Heyday is a facial store dedicated to bettering each client’s skincare health. Prior to each client going in for their first facial, the client is given a survey to fill out that’s twenty or so multiple choice questions. The purpose of the survey is to inform the aesthetician of what kind of skin you have so the facial can have a maximum effect. If the client arrives with specific needs or problems that require extra care, that’s what our enhancements are. They are meant to offer different options, each with a specific purpose. Some of the extractions are the Peel, LED light therapy, or microdermabrasion. Again, each serves a different purpose.

What are the types of facials offered

There are three types of facials: 30 minute, 50 minutes, and 75 minutes. The thirty-minute facial is meant for someone in the mood for something effective but quick. Perfect for busy New Yorkers! However, there are now enhancements allowed because there simply isn’t enough time.This facial is perfect for before an event, or simply to feel refreshed. The fifty-minute facial is probably the most popular. You can get enhancements in a fifty, which means for a deeper cleanse for your skin. The seventy-five facial leaves you feeling like you have a new face! There is enough time to go deep and get the maximum effect of a facial. 

What is so important about getting a facial 

It’s really a lifestyle choice. Sometimes you forget about giving yourself a treat every now and again. Taking fifty minutes a month to relax gives you the perfect opportunity to focus on yourself. More importantly focusing on self-care. Getting a facial is a very holistic experience, one that comes with numerous benefits. 

Is it better to restock a skincare cabinet or ease into adding new products

In order to see a maximum effect, you have to give products at least 52 days. Usually, until you use a whole bottle’s worth. That’s when you can tell if a product is working. Bottom line is, you have to give products a chance to do their magic. To put it in runner terms; you can’t tell someone who has never run before to run a marathon. The same goes for skin care!

What are the most anticipated products for the incoming month

Lately, our aestheticians have been obsessed with the Naturopathica skin tea.  It’s such an easy habit to get into. Just boil some water and pop a tea bag in and you’re set. Another product that is very popular right now is the herbivore phoenix oil. It’s an amazing oil that is just as great as the Lapis oil, another one of their products. The oil not only hydrates your skin but leaves it with a renewed look, soft, silky, and hydrated!

What are your favorite products right now

One love organics is unbelievable. One of our favorite products is the One Love vitamin C brightening facial serum. It works wonders. So if you’re looking for a serum to add to your routine this should be the product. All of their products are made off of Saint Simons Island in the US. The second product is the Image moisturizer with SPF. Wearing SPF if so important and sometimes it is overlooked. But by using this moisturizer it is killing two birds with one stone. The third product that we are obsessed with is the Naturopathica repair night cream. It is a potent powerhouse for anti aging, has vitamin A and argan. 

What are some tips and tricks for living in NYC while trying to maintain healthy skin

Hydrate hydrate hydrate! Sometimes people don’t see the importance in drinking water. Especially with the amount of caffeine some people drink, it’s even more crucial to continue drinking water. Getting into the habit of drinking a glass of water right when you wake up will not only get your digestive system going before breakfast but will wake you up! And it does wonders for your skin. But if you’re looking for something more fun to do, stop by Heyday for a personalized facial. They are so effective and totally non-time-consuming. 

In terms of tips for skincare routines, it’s best to only use a pea size amount of moisturizer. Also, make sure that you’re using products that cater to your skin type.  


Tasha B.

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