Sorry I’ve been MIA for a little while. I have been so so busy and things are just starting to calm down now. However, in the whirlwind of events in my life, one thing that remained consistent was my eating and skincare regimens. In fact, they’re what kept me going! 

Having a good skincare routine is a post for another time, so right now I’m here to pitch this face mask. The glam glow supermud mask is absolutely my new favorite product. 

What it’s best for:

cleansing and minimizing pores

reducing redness 

oily, dry, and combination skin types!

I have been using this mask consistently 2 times a week for a month now and I can happily report that my skin overall has cleared up, a lot! My skin is oily in the T-zone portion of my face and more dry on my cheekbones. So one could say I have a mix between oily and dry skin. This mask has helped even both out. My skin is a lot smoother and definitely brighter.

I recommend this mask to anybody who doesn’t use skincare products that often (and even ones that do!) because it isn’t a super intense mask. Generally, it’s good for most skin types and doesn’t cause your face to redden after you take it off. 

Also, a quick tip about taking facemasks off is not to scrub at your face. Instead, make sure you have a warm washcloth and smoothly stroke the washcloth wherever you applied the mask, this helps to reduce any redness after the mask is off. 


Tasha B.

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