Vyne Life Food


It’s a super busy time of year, I’m sure everyone is feeling pressure to do something or meet a certain deadline. In going through this many people have trouble finding time to make a wholesome healthy meal. After all, cooking does not always have that wonderous appeal to you after spending hours at school or an office as it may after a day to yourself. So, what do you do?

Try Vyne life!

Vyne life food is a meal service that allowed me to come home to a deliciously prepared meal that is ready to go after minutes in the oven or microwave. Vyne life is a plant based meal service that delivers meals for monday through wednesday on sunday evening and your thursday through saturday. Vyne makes eating healthy very easy. All meals are freshly perpared in a Brooklyn kitchen and meals are then delivered to houses, apartments, fitness studios, or any NYC adress you can provide. 

But what makes Vyne so delicious? Don’t let the idea of only eating plants and vegetables for dinner turn you off of these meals. I have just as much energy eating only plants as I do when I include meat in my diet. Every meal has the ingredients, calories, carbs, and protein in each box displayed on a label. There are flavor combinations that I wouldn’t have expected, but ended up loving! Like seriously, how good does a char grilled sweet potato steak sound? At first, I really was opposed to it. But in light of trying a new thing, I tried a new dish, and it was great. 


I had the great pleasure of testing this service out for two weeks, I chose to do the dinner only plan. The first thursday I ordered I logged into my vyne life account and chose what meals I wanted on what day. That sunday I got a cooler bag filled with my next three dinners. I was beyond excited to try them. My favorite was the beet falafel bowl and the curried cauliflower with kale. 

I am very glad to have discovered vyne, as it will help me meal plan for weeks I know that I will be swamped in work. However, the new food combinations have inspired me to experiment more in the kitchen with some inspiration. 

I absolutely reccommend this food service, it’s not too expensive and with the ingredients listed you know exactly what is going into your body. 


Tasha B. 

Sources: VYNE LIFE 


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