Let’s Take Care/Of our Bodies

I have never fallen in love with a particular multivitamin or supplement for a daily basis, until now.

Let me introduce you to Care/Of. It’s a company whose mission is to make you feel and look your best, by providing customized supplements.

You may be wondering: how do they know what supplements I need? Well, care/of takes you through a questionnaire, around 40 or so questions, asking about all kinds of things such as your diet, skin type, health goals, etc. Once you’ve completed the questionnaire, care/of tells you the vitamins recommended for you. You can see what the vitamins are, ingredients, and purpose. The packs come in a box that lasts 30 days and you can set it so it will arrive monthly. However, you can also decide to skip a month, or reschedule anything you need to, including your pack. You aren’t required to use the vitamins that the survey recommends, you can look through their site and pick and chose.

I was a little skeptical, I mean how accurate can a survey be? BUT I was very happy to find that when I started taking the daily packs I noticed a big difference in my skin, mood, and overall internal feeling. My daily vitamins are:

Probiotic Blend

This is known as “the harmonious gut” because it supports the immune system

Calcium Plus

This one is especially good for all of you coffee drinkers as caffeine reduces calcium in your body. The pill is nicknamed “bone hugs and harmony”


This vitamin is meant to support your stress and mood and nicknamed “the cosmonaut”.

Β Astaxanthin

Known as the “coral king” it supports your heart health! As we all know, your heart is one of the most important muscles in your body.Β 

I have not only noticed a difference in my skin, but I also feel cleaner. Sometimes after meals I would feel a little bloated, not necessarily because of the amount I ate, but since incorporating the probiotic blend I have not been feeling that. I highly reccomend trying Care/of out for a month, especially on black friday when you can get a deal on the packs!


Tasha B.Β 


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