A Moment for You


We are embarking on holiday season. 

It is important to keep in mind going into the holiday season that people love you for who you are. The holidays are not about getting as much as you can substance wise, but instead appreciate the good company that surrounds you.  Yeah sure that may sound cheesy, but it’s true. I know people read stuff like this and are like “ugh, another person telling me something I already know”. But do you really know? Do you really realize how much you have to be grateful for? 

Honestly, I have found a lot of happiness over the years. Be it by making new friends, exploring the city, spending time with family, attending new workout classes, etc.

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I have met a lot of cool people in the fitness community, and am so thankful for the relationships that have come from me reaching out to people. Sometimes just asking to grab matcha (or coffee) after a workout class is super fun. Talking to instructors before taking their class improves your workout because you know the person who is chanting encouraging words while you sweat, also just another friendly face.

Being part of a workout community has helped me understand what I love and more about myself. For example, a lot of the time in SoulCycle, instructors will be talking/chanting throughout class. I find it very valuable to take what they are saying to heart. To think why I show up to class everytime and what I want out of it. Again, it may sound cheesy, but I ignored the fact that people might judge me for thinking this way. By doing that I am able to get as much as I can out of each workout while learning something new about myself each time. 

Drawing on the image from above, find the people who lift you higher. Becuase why surround yourself with people who do not make you feel like the best version of you?

Sometimes if I need to clear my head and shed everything I might be worrying about, I put some headphones in and walk aimlessly around New York City. On a sunny Sunday afternoon sometimes that’s all I want to do. It is super refreshing and relaxing spending time by yourself and acknowledging all of the good and positive things in your life. Something I have gotten into is taking pictures of either aesthetically pleasing or inspirational murals around the city. And let me tell you, there are a lot. Things as simple as the fronts of restaurants or full blown paintings across a building will mae me smile. Looking back at those photos still makes me smile. It takes me back to the time I was walking around and came across whatever it was the picture was of. Small things like that make me realize on a larger scale the things I love to do and am so appreciative I am able to do. 


So, in short, just take a moment each day for yourself. Think about what you are proud of, the things you have accomplished, your goals, and the people who love and support you. 

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Have you checked out Pressed Juicery’s new Golden Milk?!? It’s delicious. I have my own recpie for golden milk in the works, but for now you have to try this! Pour the bottle into a pot and heat it up in the morning or after dinner. It is filled with tons of great ingredients such as cinnamon, tumeric, and almonds. Cinnamon and tumeric are both great antioxidants and antiinflammatory ingredients. The colors are so warming and inviting there’s no way you shouldn’t try this if you come across Pressed Juicery.


Tasha B.

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