Get Fit #2: ModelFIT Cardio Sculpt

Where am I this weekend? Currently living in ModelFit’s gorgeous studio. Literally. Sometimes I’ll get to class early or stay later just to take a moment to appreciate things. The large windows overlooking the Bowery is the perfect scene for stretching out with a good ol’ foam roller. 

ModelFit is in Nolita on the Bowery. The studio is stunning and very communal. You can see all of the equiptment neatly stacked on the back shelf. Very, very satisfying to look at. The studio is lined with mirrors, literally from the back window to the front window overlooking the Bowery. The natural light brings the studio to life in the morning and it is very warming and welcoming. Often times workout studios can seem crammed and crowded, making a workout less enjoyable. At ModelFIT the studio is bright and warming. 

Everybody at ModelFit is so so friendly. All of the instructors are so easy to talk to, or even grab a matcha with after class @ cha cha matcha (legit the best matcha in the city).

First off, here’s the Get Fit Scale:

Intensity 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Studio ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Abs/arms 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

Legs 💯💯💯💯

My favorite class at modelFIT is the cardio sculpt as it is half dance cardio and half sculpt. Both are individual classes on their own. What really makes the classes so great is the enormous amount of energy the instructors bring to class. They know people go to classes for a hard workout, and that’s exactly what’s given. I am personally the kind of person who thrives if people around me are working hard. The energy other people give off fuels how hard I want to work.

Sometimes people ask me why I work out and how I stay consistent. It’s because the feeling of accomplishment and self love afterwards is unmatchable.

ModelFIT isn’t a super high intensity class but it really hones in on toning every part of your body. Sometimes people don’t realize the challenge of moving slowly through a movement instead of at a rapid pace. It’s a different kind of workout, and I love it. 

I also have been doing some more research into the stories behind studios and it’s really interesting to read about the “mantras” and purpose behind the studios and their workouts. I read a lot about the founder, Vanessa Packer who is holistic nutrition coach and founder of ModelFIT. Vanessa has always been passionate about fitness and nutrition so she took what she loved and made a business out of it. Opening a business in nyc is daunting to begin with, but the studio continues to provide nyc fitness junkies with an elegant studio and effective workout. Packer said in an interview with Bond Street, “Real results come from sustainable change made through creating a foundation of wellness rather than doing extremes.”

My favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning is head over to ModelFIT for the ten am cardio class. It is so energetic and fun. AND you leaving so accomplished and ready to kick butt on a Saturday! Or if you’re really feeling bold try doing a double on Sunday morning 🙂 


Tasha B. 

 Pro tip: book any weekend cardio class during the week, don’t try and walk it, it’s risky 😉 

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