Running Away From 2017 Like…


It’s a new year and it could not have come sooner.

I am so excited for what’s to come in 2018!

Instead of New Years resolutions I decided to set goals instead. I have no problem with New Years resolutions but in my mind setting goals, to me, means that I want to set my mind to doing something and achieve it instead of resolving something in my life. Of course there are things in my life that I wish would just resolve itself but instead of focusing on things I can’t change, I want to focus on the things I can.

Here is my initial list of goals for 2018:

Post weekly on tashab

Prep food for week on Sundays

Take one tumeric/ginger juice shot at least once a week

Eat dinner a little later (my normal time is 6 or 6:30)

Face mask twice a week

Cook more with friends


Bullet journal

So far, seven days into the new year, I have had a great start. It has been relaxing and much needed time to spend doing things I love. I started going to Joe and the Juice for the tumeric juice shot which has tumeric (obviously), lemon, and apple. I have been taking one every few days and I have had so much energy and have felt much cleaner!

I have also started branching out in terms of where I go to try new recipes. My two new favorite websites/blogs are Bonberi and S Mag. This past weekend I made this AMAZING squash recipe from Bonberi and then improvised a kale salad. I made it for brunch with my family and it was all a huge hit. Also if you have not tried putting roasted almonds in a salad, you should.

You may know this by now but I love taking pictures of things that catch my eye or are just aesthetically pleasing. So here’s a quick shot of my matcha latte and a soul cycle article.Β 


One last thing: remember to surround yourself with people who love you for who you are and don’t settle for anything less!






Tasha B.

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