Hi! My name is Natasha Brecht and this is my blog, Tasha B.



So three things: First, this is hopefully what you’re reading if you clicked on the about page (otherwise I did something wrong). Second, I really hope everybody who clicked on here will continue reading as I publish more, this blog is something I’ve put a lot of time and effort into so I hope you’ll give it a chance. Third, my goal is for this not to be some cliche blog, but for me to share with you what I do and don’t know, and what I want to learn about living a healthy lifestyle.

This blog is an outlet for food, fitness, and boosting confidence. Along with a bunch of my favorite places/things to do in NYC. These are all things I feel have a deep influence on my life and what better way for me to tell people about what I love to do and why you may love it too than through a blog? It’s also a really great stress reliever from schoolwork, which is a huge plus.

I would definitely consider myself a foodie, constantly building confidence, and an athlete.   I’ve lived in new york my whole life and over the years have discovered the best places to eat, shop, and relax.

The past year I have struggled with self-confidence. Being confident in what I have to say, what I wear, and myself as a person. So part of this blog will also be dedicated to being confident in yourself and feeling comfortable in your own body. Writing about things I love is in a way calming because I get to talk about things I feel passionate about.

I love attending workout classes. If you make an effort to get to know the people at different studios you become part of an entire new community. Becoming part of this community has helped me learn more about myself while making tons of new friends. I have become good friends with instructors, occsionally grabbing a matcha latte after class. I have found it really eye opening hearing about other people’s journies about how they got where they are and what they are hoping to achieve. I love working out in groups as I feed off the energy of others. 

In terms of food, me and food have a very healthy and strong relationship. I have always loved food, especially making it. I have been working on recreating recipes with my own spin on them and so far there haven’t been any complete disasters! While experimenting with different foods I have discovered what makes me feel strong and fueled and what makes me feel sluggish. I want to share with you recipes that give you the most energy in the best ways! I cook with a lot of healthy ingredients so hopefully you’ll find them just as delicious as I do.

I am so excited to share with you what I have to say. With that I give you Tasha B.! Hope you enjoy.


Tasha B.


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